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Made for Memories since 2013

Our Story

 At Ivoryfield, we believe in the power of dreams and the
magic of special moments. That's why we're committed to helping women feel
their best on their most important occasions.

Our founder, Yolinne, grew up in a family with a tailor
background and a love for colorful fabrics and painting colors. She made her
first barbie doll dress when she was 8 years old and she knew from a young age
that she wanted to pursue a career in fashion.In 2013, Yolinne founded
Ivoryfield with a mission to create beautiful, on-trend dresses that women
could wear to their most special moments in life.

Since then, we've delivered thousands of dresses to
satisfied customers all around Sweden.

Our designs are always in trend, with a great number of
color options and outstanding quality and fitting. And we're committed to
sustainability, producing our dresses on-demand to avoid mass production and